We turn potential into actual, by advancing people in communication, leadership, and confidence.

We accomplish our mission through:

  • The Public Speaking School
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Consultative Workshops
  • Personal Coaching
  • Practical Books

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We believe that excellent customer service and team connection come from consistent contact.

  • We respond to potential customers and current clients quickly and thoroughly.
  • We connect with each other regularly and timely.


We believe that when we help people accomplish their dreams, and they will help you accomplish ours.

  • We help people take their next step forward by providing clear direction.


We believe that perfection is not 100% possible, but getting better happens with each 1%

  • We strive to improve our products, systems, and our own leadership.


We believe that ideals alone don’t create results; even a mediocre action produces more than the best of intentions.

  • We experiment, we take risks, and we DO


We believe that 10% is what happens to us, 90% is how we respond.

  • We believe in what we do and that we offer value to people.
  • We choose to be kind, helpful, and positive.


You are looking for experience you can count on.

Whether you’re booking a speaker, career consultant, leadership coach or professional who can guide you, YOU are looking for someone you can trust.

As an educated, experienced, and certified coach, I can help you. Over the past 18 years, I have inspired crowds, directed organizations, chaired boards, coached leaders, and consulted for businesses.

Growing up in Mexico helped me gain confidence in a multicultural setting, as I overcame many challenges to learn leadership and fluency in Spanish. I moved to the United States for university and achieved high ranks in Debate Nationals against opponents from Stanford and Harvard, among other colleges. After graduation, my experience in organizational management and leadership dynamics helped me provide insight and direction to clients from all walks of life. I am additionally certified by the John Maxwell team.

Outside of being a coach-practitioner, I also enjoy rock climbing, wake surfing, skiing, building Legos with my son, and being a family man. I strongly believe in the power of mindfulness, exercise, journaling, and real community that shapes and strengthens its members.

My team and I look forward to working with you to advance your goals, whether in speaking, leadership, or life.

Aimée Bruneau

Professor of Acting, an audiobook narrator, a children’s book author, a yoga teacher, and a world travel addict. She earned her MFA in Acting from the American Conservatory Theater. Aimée enjoys helping people to shape their stories – real and imagined – and to present themselves authentically.


Joey’s enthusiasm for adventure is only matched by his passion to help people win in life. After graduating leadership college in Sydney, Australia Joey moved back home to Upstate New York. Along the way he worked with Mike Acker as a student, transferring to a role on his team six months later. Joey loves assisting others to tangibly move their life forward and help them crush their goals. On his off days you’ll find him building his business, watching the latest Disney films and spending time with his fiancé Rebecca.

Jada Swanson

Jada Swanson is a Southerner who now calls the Pacific Northwest home. For over 25 years, she has been performing, speaking, teaching, and coaching. Her career began as a singer and actress, but later migrated into public speaking and non-profit leadership. One of her greatest joys is discovering and developing other’s gifts and talents, so they might reach their full potential.


“I started working with Mike to get ready to deliver a college keynote. He has been so helpful and professional. He’s helped me adjust my body language, pace, and cadence to speak as effectively as possible. The most valuable part of working with him has been his suggestions on developing, improving, and tweaking my speech content. I’ve come a long way and am so grateful for his expertise. Thank you Mike!”

– Rachel Richards

Author of “Money Honey: A Simple 7-Step Guide for Getting Your Financial $hit Together”

“Since I began working with Mike Acker as my coach, my productivity has increased significantly. The clarity I now have in approaching and successfully completing projects and presentations in public forums has made all the difference in my ability to accomplish my goals.

The strategies Mike shared with me have been simple to understand, easy to engage, yet profound in their impact. I’m immensely grateful for the growth he has helped me realize as a producer, writer, and director.”
– Prentice Dupins
Executive Producer, Writer

“Mike’s personable attitude makes coaching sessions with him enjoyable and impactful. He has a kind way of explaining how you can improve and where you can improve.

He provided a ‘template’ / strategy which I was able to utilize time and time again for speaking in public as well as tips for video conference calls which is incredibly useful in this digital age.
As my business continues to grow, I look forward to working with him in the future.”
– Alissa Constable

“Working with Mike over the past year has been eye-opening. I never anticipated how much the work we’ve done together would change my perspective on my professional and personal life.

Mike excels in figuring out the areas you need to work on and helping you figure out how to act. I’ve matured and learned from my mistakes in months with Mike that would have taken years on my own. I look forward to continuing to work with Mike to progress as a leader.”
– Mark Vather
Growth Marketing

“Mike is very knowledgeable about people management, team building, getting everyone on the same page, and moving in the same direction. He has a great ability to see problems from a different perspective, and is always very articulate in making the correct solution easily understood so it can be implemented.

He has become an integral part of my businesses’ growth, and I look forward to continue working with him.”
– Steve Bode
Serial Entrepreneur & Life Time Learner

Initially looking for a public speaking coach, I was fortunate enough to have found Mike who has not only given me guidance and provided live feedback on public speaking but also in career advancement. He’s recommended some great literature to read on Communication and Leadership that I feel has made our sessions even more fruitful.

Angelina w.
Public Speaking Lessons

It was a pleasure to work with Mike. He helped me tremendously on improving my very first speech in front of a large audience. He was very responsive and not only he helped me with the speech materials, but also with improving my body language and gesture for this event. I highly recommend him if you are in needs with improving your public speaking skills.

Faranak R.
Public Speaking Lessons

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Mike so far. He introduced me to various ideas and books that have been very helpful towards my success. I particularly appreciated that he took notes during our sessions, and you will not go wrong with choosing Mike as your coach.

Darren J.

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