10 Characteristics of Great Leaders

While it’s commonly argued whether great leaders are born or made, there’s little doubt that great leaders share several characteristics. Leadership skills are among the most important to develop if you wish to advance your career. You’ll find that you already possess some of these qualities and likely need to develop the others.

8 Tips to Boost Confidence at Work

Confident people tend to be more successful at work, are happier, and are not afraid to go for a promotion or face new challenges.

4 Reasons Great Leaders Rise Early

Being successful takes a lot of dedication, effort, determination, and preparation. To become a great leader, you must plan ahead, be proactive, and set goals that you’re willing to work hard for.

12 Tips to Overcome Laziness

You know that you have a lot of things to do. You may even have big plans for the future, but you can’t seem to motivate yourself to get off the couch or off the internet. Everyone experiences laziness from time to time.

4 Steps to Increase Your Leadership Skills

When most of us hear the word leadership, we usually think of political officials, CEOs, military commanders, or even athletes. While it’s true that you need good leadership skills to excel at these occupations, leadership is a valuable skill that everyone from any vocation or background can use for their benefit and the benefit of others.

Self-Development Ideas for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are in a challenging situation. They have to be good at so many things but are strapped for time.

Most entrepreneurs have limited time, energy, and other resources available to spend on self-development. Yet, at the same time, entrepreneurs are in a position to gain the most from improving their knowledge and skills.

25 Ways to Lead Others

Do you consider yourself a leader? Or wish you were a leader? Leaders have to inspire those around them while remaining strong. Uncertainty and difficult situations do not stop leaders from taking charge.

Why Being Busy Can be Unproductive

Busyness is practically a disease today. We all cram as much as we can into our seemingly limited time. Yet being busy isn’t the same as getting things done.

Copy These 5 Communication Skills From Top Leaders

Do you struggle with communicating effectively? Communication is a key part of success at work or in other parts of your life. Top leaders have practiced and mastered the skills that enable them to communicate so well. Luckily, you too can learn these same skills!

Achieving Balance in Your Life

Finding balance in your life can be difficult to do, especially during these stressful days. There are family and work obligations, plus extra-curricular activities for your kids and unexpected situations. It’s no wonder that you’re feeling out of balance and overwhelmed!

Become a Better Leader: 4 Steps to Boost Your E.Q.

Most of us think of a leader as someone with a great deal of education and experience in a certain area. While knowledge and experience are important qualities, one’s ability to communicate and work well with others is just as important to being an effective leader.

How to Work Smarter, Not Harder

Maximizing your leadership skills can positively impact your professional and personal life. Developing these skills is one of the surest ways to enhance many aspects of your life. This worksheet outlines these skills:

Be the Boss Everyone Wants: Super Boss

Maximizing your leadership skills can positively impact your professional and personal life. Developing these skills is one of the surest ways to enhance many aspects of your life. This worksheet outlines these skills:

A Remote Worker’s Guide to Balancing Home and Work

Balancing your home and career can be a challenge for any employee, especially when you live and work in the same space. How do you allocate your time between personal and professional responsibilities? How can you focus on conference calls when you’re surrounded by dirty laundry?

7 Attributes of Great Leaders

Leadership is a daunting task, and there are many theories about how to best lead others. But regardless of the theory employed, there are attributes that great leaders share. With the right blend of attributes, you can thrive within any leadership system. It’s possible to develop these characteristics with study and effort.

7 Advantages of Taking Breaks

The Western world views breaks as a tool to promote laziness. But your effectiveness and efficiency will improve if you take regular breaks. You can work more intently and for more hours each day if you’ll give yourself a break at least once per hour. You won’t just get more done, you’ll be happier and less stressed, too.

Achieve Effective Leadership With This Four-Step Approach

When you’re in a position of leadership, both the amount and quality of your work output depend on your team and, consequently, your skills as a leader. Luckily, these skills can be developed. All it takes is learning the keys to effective leadership and practicing them.

Baby steps make a big difference

I break big projects down into smaller bits. When I start to feel overwhelmed, I focus on small daily wins. I set modest goals that I know I can accomplish. I increase my confidence and build my motivation. Each victory inspires me to keep trying.

Get In On the Best Prices Now

The prices for our Programs will be increasing soon and so I’m giving you advanced notice here so that you can take advantage of the old pricing while it is still available. We have a terrific group of clients and below you’ll find what a few of our great clients have to say about working on our Programs with me and the ADVANCE Team:

Book Recommendation

In addition to my own books, there are hundreds of books out there about Public Speaking. I’ll be sharing some of the very best options with you in the near future, but let’s start right now at the top of the list!

Bosses: Get Better Results by Strengthening Communication Within Your Team

In your position as a team leader, the quality of the relationship among your team members is perhaps one of your biggest areas of focus. A unified, communicative team produces the best results, but it’s not always easy to develop.

Do You Make These Leadership Mistakes?

Welcoming a new boss can be complicated, especially when they used to be your coworker. How do you make a graceful transition from being a peer to being a direct report?

Learn How to Work With a Boss Who Used to Be Your Coworker

Welcoming a new boss can be complicated, especially when they used to be your coworker. How do you make a graceful transition from being a peer to being a direct report?

How to Lead With Courage

When we think of leaders, we might be tempted to think of courageous and heroic figures. The leader is the person at the vanguard of the army, leading the charge and taking the brunt of any enemy attacks. That’s what it means to be a leader in comic books and films after all!

How to Be a Leader at Work

What can you do to do to be heard, respected, and well-liked? It may be true that some people are born leaders. There’s something about them that makes people want to follow them

How to Build a Happy and Productive Team at Work

If you’re in charge of a project at work, you’ll find that one of your most important priorities is to make sure your team is going to get along and get things done effectively. A happy and well-organized team is one that will excel.

Leadership Mistakes and How to Fix Them

You deserve to enjoy the benefits that come with being a leader. But sometimes it’s difficult to live up to the expectations of others. And the reality is that sometimes you’ll make mistakes.

Are You Afraid of Success?

The idea that someone can be afraid of success sounds odd to many people. Fear of failure is easier for most people to comprehend, but a fear of success? It sounds preposterous.

Leadership Skills: How to Deal With Dissent and Disobedience

Unless you’re a low-key despot, chances are that you don’t enjoy telling others what to do or reprimanding them. You probably don’t like being called out yourself and you might even question your right to tell anyone else what they’re doing wrong.

How to Defuse Arguments Before Things Go Too Far

A proper argument can be highly productive. Unfortunately, not many arguments are done well. Most arguments fail to reach a resolution and lead to additional animosity.

Position Yourself as a Leader in 20 Minutes or Less

Positioning yourself as a leader will make your work more meaningful and advance your career. You can gain influence based on your title, or on the knowledge and skills you already possess.

14 Tips to Help You Give Feedback to Your Boss

Giving feedback to your boss can be scary. You may be concerned about damaging your relationship or even losing your job. On the other hand, many bosses will appreciate your input, especially if you have sincere intentions and skillful communications.

Top 10 Critical Competencies of Great Leaders

Great leaders share many common traits. Though criteria for leadership in the workplace can vary from company to company, the majority of effective leaders exemplify certain skills. By focusing on developing these same skills, you can take your leadership abilities to the next level.

3 Ways To Look After Your Mental Health When Working From Home

If you’re stuck working from home, unable to see your work colleagues from day to day, you may find yourself struggling with your mental health.

The Power In The Shift

It was a privilege to speak with Kate McKay recently about the pandemic, and what men are experiencing in terms of their identities in times of crisis like this. We discussed how difficult it is for men to stay connected with each other. How are we handling our emotions?

The Secret to Pursuing Your Own Vision of Career Success

Having a rewarding career depends upon pursuing your own vision of professional success. Otherwise, you’re likely to spend your days trying to live up to the expectations of others or mindlessly drifting from one job to the next.

Motivation Secrets of Great Leaders

Great leaders know how to motivate others. Since the amount you can accomplish on your own is limited, it’s necessary to have the assistance of others.

8 Revealing Ways to Become More Self-Aware

One of the major obstacles to maximizing your success and happiness is a lack of self-awareness. You know your friends’ flaws better than they do. It’s human nature to not have an accurate view of yourself.

Be a Leader, Not a Boss

Do you consider yourself a leader or a boss? This question doesn’t just apply to the workplace, it can also refer to your home and personal relationships.

Are You Wasting Your Life?

What image do you have in your mind when you think of someone wasting their life? You probably think of someone very underemployed, living in their parent’s basement, and playing video games. However, even very successful people can be guilty of wasting their lives.

Ace Your Next Speech With These 6 Ways to Boost Your Confidence

Regardless of your experience or level of self-esteem, it’s only natural to feel at least a little nervous when you stand in front of an audience and deliver a public speech.

Networking at Social Events

When you meet a potential contact at a business event, you know what to do. You deliver your elevator pitch and set up a time to talk more. However, when you run into someone interesting at a social gathering, things can become more complicated.

7 Daily Habits of Outstanding Leaders

Would you like to become an outstanding leader? Use this checklist as a reminder of the important leadership-building skills you can develop on your personal development journey.

Top 10 Self-Confidence Building Tips

A lack of confidence can affect every area of your life, from your job performance to your personal relationships. In reality, how you perceive yourself has a powerful impact on how others treat you.

Empower Your Team and Become a Powerful Leader

Whether as a parent, manager, employee, or instructor, most of us are going to experience leadership at some point in our lives.

How to Become Instantly Likable – 8 Tips for Quickly Creating Rapport

Rapport can be defined as a harmonious relationship. It’s that feeling people get when they like and respect someone they’re speaking with and the feeling is mutual.

Top 10 Personality Traits of Great Leaders

It’s not easy to be a great leader. Leadership requires a unique set of skills and personality traits. Few people are born great leaders, but everyone can maximize their leadership skills and qualities.

Expert Tips for Coping With a Sudden Loss of Confidence

Self-esteem can be fragile, and it’s possible to lose it. A traumatic event can also be a blow to your confidence. How can you deal with a sudden loss of confidence? Is it possible to recover and regain the confidence that is gone?

Walk the Talk – Practicing the Principles You Preach

If you’ve ever known anyone ultra-successful, you know that they can appear to be a different breed. We’re not talking about someone that’s a straight-A student and goes on to make $250,000 per year. We’re talking about people that win gold medals, become billionaires, or impact the entire world in some way.

7 Habits of Ultra-Successful People

If you’ve ever known anyone ultra-successful, you know that they can appear to be a different breed. We’re not talking about someone that’s a straight-A student and goes on to make $250,000 per year. We’re talking about people that win gold medals, become billionaires, or impact the entire world in some way.

How to Develop Leadership Skills

When you have high career aspirations, one thing you need to establish right off the bat is the fact that you can be a leader. In fact, you probably already are and just don’t know it yet.

Say Goodbye to Impostor Syndrome

Do you feel like a fraud in danger of being exposed when someone praises your work? Do you think your achievements are just a matter of luck? If so, you may be experiencing Imposter syndrome.


What will you do next?
If you always do what you’ve always done, then you will always get what you’ve always got.

Do something different – stand out!


What are areas in your life that you are hoping to focus on – to improve?
How will you increase the currency in these areas of your life?


In our exploration of the 3 Verbs – Actions to Improve Your Online Communication, Mike talks with us what it means to KNOW:

Top 5 Ways to Be Assertive and Confident

Self-help books fly off the shelves of bookstores. They’re the most common books on request at libraries. From business people to housewives, people are looking for ways to improve their lives, and the most sought after self-help books are those on how to be assertive and confident.


In our exploration of the 3 Verbs – Actions to Improve Your Online Communication, Mike talks with us about how to PREPARE:


In our exploration of the 3 Verbs – Actions to Improve Your Online Communication, Mike talks with us here about how to ENGAGE.

The Art of Organization: 7 Time Saving Tips

Organization is more important in your life than you may imagine. Organization is so difficult for some people that they feel as if they’re just meant to be unorganized.

Your Secret Weapon for Excellent Time Management

There are plenty of time-management and organization systems. But right now, there’s one organizational tool that’s very much “in vogue” and doing the rounds on Instagram and across productivity/self-improvement blogs. That tool is the bullet journal.


Mike Acker, Author of SPEAK WITH NO FEAR, is offering a free short course in Improving Your Online Presentation and Communication.

Accepting Situations as They Are

There is a sense of peace that comes from knowing what I am unable to control. I can see things as they are and accept them.

7 Ways to Maintain Your Motivation

When it comes to getting things accomplished, motivation can be hard to come by. Yet, motivation is exactly what is needed. A small amount of motivation is required to do small, simple things, like brushing your teeth. Bigger tasks such as major resolutions or major races require more motivation to complete.

Gamification in the Workplace for Enjoyment & Achievement

A while back, one of my business clients asked me to help him gamify his business. I had never heard of this idea.

Improve the Sound of Your Voice

You may not be a singer, however, how you sound can be as important as what you say. A pleasant voice brings your words to life and may put more money in your pockets.

Read This Before You Exaggerate on Your Resume

There’s a lot of pressure to embellish your resume but lying about your qualifications could be disastrous.You may be confused about where to draw the line, especially if you’re new to the job market or returning after some time off.

Boost Your Immunity in Winter & for Stress

This is a bit different from my normal posts. However, many people I work with are sabotaging their immune system without even know it. Many common lifestyle habits can have a negative effect on the health of your immune system. When stress (or winter) hits, the pressure on the immune system is even worse.

Time Management vs Energy Management

Many of us are all too aware of time management. I get it. I manage several different roles and can easily work 80 hours a week in coaching, sales, leadership, and speaking. Can you relate?

Clarify Your Goals for Greater Success

A goal is like a compass. It helps you focus on where you want to go in life and make positive progress to get there.

Quick Tips for Making a Speech

If you find yourself in a position where you have to give a public presentation.

How to Appear Confident When You Really Aren’t

No one feels confident all of the time, but sometimes you need to appear confident. You might be on a date, have a job interview, or attending a company function.

Top 10 Reasons to be More Forgiving

It’s not always easy to be forgiving. I know this in my personal and my professional life. This happens in family relationships and in workplaces.

Keys to Personal Development: Be the Tortoise and Win

Modern life is all about getting things done quickly. Microwave ovens, streaming movies, and cell phones perpetuate this lifestyle.

Rediscover Your Motivation When You’ve Lost Your Way

Do you ever feel lost when trying to achieve your goals, especially when progress seems so far away?

How to Polish Your Small-Talk Skills

If you want to make new friends and advance in your career, learn to connect with others through small talk.


In the last blog in this series, we spoke about uncovering the “wound” from your past which led to your fear……

10 Simple Truths That Will Set You Free

Life isn’t as complicated as you might think. I’ve seen people get stuck with paralysis of analysis. I don’t want that for you…….


Some fears are irrational. Some fears are based on superstition. And some fears have a real reason. Maybe you’re afraid of swimming in a deep pool after a near-drowning incident…..

Getting a Fresh Start on Life After the End of a Relationship

Quick Note: most of the coaching I do centers on communication, leadership, and career. However, in the past I held most relationship workshops and as clients up with this area of life too……

You need to BELIEVE you can Speak With No Fear

Fear can often be crippling. Some amount of nervousness can in fact goad you to do a better job, but when anxiety and doubt creep in, it’s hard to believe you can move past your challenges……

Become a Master of Self Discipline

Self-discipline is a powerful attribute to have, yet challenging to obtain. I’m working on this and I will share what I am learning with you. Let’s start by defining the terms:……


On June 2nd my book Speak With No Fearwas published and launched. It instantly became a best seller. People ask, “how did you write a best seller when you have a full schedule.” Here is the answer: morning routine…….

From BOOK. Before You Begin: BELIEVE

Thanks for taking time to read my articles and blogs. Before I resume with my articles on success, career, and leadership, I want to give you one more part of my book, Speak With No Fear…….

My Book Introduction from Speak With No Fear

I was in the 7th grade. Pimples, growth spurts, and a cracking voice defined my exterior. My parents had forced me to go to a new school in a different country……

Keys to Receiving a Promotion or Raise

When you improve your public speaking ability improve your probability of success. That is what I do. I help people advance their skills…….

Listen Before You Leap to Reap Greater Rewards

As I wrote my book, Speak With No Fear, I wrote about the power of listening. I felt a bit hypocritical as I wrote it because that is not my strength. I write this article to give you direction and to teach my self…….

7 Ways to Get More Respect

Does it seem like people don’t listen to what you have to say? Do you feel ignored? Most people don’t receive the respect they either feel they deserve or would like. Unfortunately, once we train people to treat us a certain way, it’s challenging to change……

Exercise Your Mental Muscle

Losing weight is the most common New Year’s resolution. After all, we have to take care of our body so it can take care of us. But here’s a bigger thought: what about taking care of your mental muscle?…..

Create a 5-Year Plan for Your Life

At 22 years old I sat down at Starbucks with a blank page. Over the course of one hour I mapped out a 1, 2, 5, and 10 year plan for my life……

Easy Ways to Have More Meaningful Conversations

Several years ago I enrolled in the Dale Carnegie Institute. My desire was to get better at speaking and to develop my speaking skills……

Have a More Productive Day

The more you get done each day, the more success you can experience. You also give yourself the opportunity to have more free time, too…..

Six Types of Goals To Balance Your Life Right

Everyone understands that goals are important to success, but there are still relatively few people that actually set goals regularly and commit to them.…

8 Tips to Learn More Efficiently

Recently I was playing with my son, Paxton. As we played my mind drifted from being with him to focusing on work. I realized what happened and snapped back to focus on being with him. Why did this happen? Because, I have a lot going on..…

How to Give a Dynamic Memorable Presentation

The most successful keynote speakers are those who have perfected ways of taking the attention away from themselves and making the audience the star of their presentation. There are most ways to do this effectively and in this article, we’re going to look at five methods to get an instant connection and build a strong relationship with audience members..…

Signs You Need a Career Change

Statistics say most people change their careers 5 to 7 times before finding the right workplace and eventually retiring. It’s not a very surprising statistic. A lot of people need time to understand their strengths and weaknesses and which work environment suits them best, and that’s perfectly alright. ..…

10 Reasons Why People Fear Public Speaking (Part 1 of 2)

Fear of public speaking is one of our most common fears. This angst limits victims from communicating their thoughts effectively in order to reach their potential in their careers, finances, and in life..…

Goals that Make Momentum

There are two reasons why you might not achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself: either you didn’t strategize correctly, or you set the wrong goal.…


Most people today live their lives on autopilot.

Can you relate? Think about your morning routine. Wake up, hit the snooze button (once, twice, maybe even thrice), check your social media or emails in bed, get dressed in a hurry, grab one cup of coffee, skip breakfast because there’s no time… and race to your desk before your boss sees you coming in late…..


In the year 2000 I was asked to speak to a group of students on the topic of success. I didn’t know where to begin. Where do you begin……


What comes to mind when you think about the classic kids book, “Where’s Waldo?” You probably think about the red and white stripes….


As a teenager I was chastised for my attitude. My father would often say, “Get the chip off your shoulder.” Or, he would use this air-tight logic,….

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