How to Give a Dynamic Memorable Presentation

The most successful keynote speakers are those who have perfected ways of taking the attention away from themselves and making the audience the star of their presentation. There are most ways to do this effectively and in this article, we’re going to look at five methods to get an instant connection and build a strong relationship with audience members.

1. Craft a Strong Introduction

Your relationship with the audience begins way before you step onto the stage. Your introduction is what sets your connection with the people you’re about to stand in front of. That’s why it’s vital to craft a strong one that will inform the audience about the things that are special about you. When you tell the audience about all the awesome things you’ve achieved, it sounds like bragging. It’s a lot better and more effective when they hear about those areas from the person who introduces you.

2. Enter with an Attitude!

Your attitude as you walk on stage is one of the main factors that will determine how your presentation goes. What do you normally think of right before you step in front of your audience? If you’re worried about nerves, you’re probably going to bring that onto the stage, which means your beginning will be infected with that bad attitude.

Instead, try to focus on an emotion that you actually want to share with your audience – particularly in the very first point you’re going to make. This can be passion, anger, amusement, excitement… whatever is appropriate for your talk.

3. Delve into Your Audience’s Psyche

Your audience shouldn’t be an afterthought as you are preparing your keynote speech. Before writing a single word, do your best to get into the heads of your audience and ask yourself the following questions:

  • What does my audience already know about my topic?
  • What are their misconceptions about my message?
  • Which areas of my message are they likely to resist?

Knowing what your audience believes about your message will help you craft a presentation that is ultimately more engaging and will leave your audience feeling that you really understood them.

4. Make a Clear Promise and Activate Action

Your presentation should seek to bring about change or else it’s just a waste of everyone’s time. You need to go a lot deeper than the traditional concept of WIIFM (what’s-in-it-for-me) and look at how your talk is going to change your audience’s lives.

Are you going to help them grow?

Or are you going to make their lives easier somehow?

Whatever promise you make, it should be very clear for all to understand. And after you’ve thrilled and fascinated your audience, make sure you make it clear what their next step should be so they know exactly what to do with the information you imparted.

5. Invite interaction

You create a relationship with audience members each time you speak. But for that connection to be meaningful, your presentation shouldn’t be a monologue. You must find strategic ways of involving your audience, such as activities that connect them with fellow audience members or asking questions and then pausing to let them respond.

In Conclusion

These are just a few ways to help you build a stronger bond with your audience when you speak so that your presentation can be more memorable. If you need more help overcoming your uncertainties in communication so you can develop success in your leadership, get in touch with me right now for a free consultation.

– Mike Acker