We offer three signature public speaking programs:


Overcome your public presentation anxiety in 30 days! This course will help you realize and act on the truth that YOU are the message, and that you are worth the attention of the audience. You will learn to overcome your fear, gain internal confidence, and appreciate your own uniqueness.


The online coursework utilizes video teaching, worksheets, and reflective lessons to help you discover who you are as a speaker, leader, and individual.


SPEAK TO OVERCOME offers 4 private coaching sessions with college professor, theatre director, and communication coach, Aimée Bruneau.


The Public Speaking School is a growing community where you can interact with others and receive coaching together via monthly small-group coaching sessions. You’ll be able to join the Public Speaking Mastermind Community Facebook group.


Advance your career in three months and gain confidence in and through your communication. You will learn how to create memorable moments in your presentations, conversations, and speeches. The SPEAK TO ADVANCE program is curated for YOU. You will identify specific goals for us to meet. You may wish to:

  • Increase Sales
  • Nail the Interview
  • Position Yourself for Promotion
  • Speak to be Heard


This course will lead you to identify the concerns and questions of your audience. You will understand – on a psychological level – the answers they are seeking. You will master the art of defining your message. You won’t just speak to people; you will connect with people. After you master the messaging, you will work to develop new communication skills. You will explore skills and techniques which will give you greater confidence as a presenter and leader. You will gain the discipline of assertiveness, methods to extend your influence, and tips to grow your leadership. When you develop your communication skills you develop confidence for all areas of life.


SPEAK TO ADVANCE contains 6 coaching sessions with Mike Acker, the CEO of ADVANCE, and Lead Coach, Aimée Bruneau. Each coaching session is an opportunity to practice new skills and to get the feedback you need to grow. Two of these sessions are specifically tailored to your goals.


You will meet a community of like-minded individuals each month who are working toward similar goals. Each month we’ll connect you with people who are on a similar journey. It helps to work with a peer group, to gain their feedback, to share our challenges.


Wow any audience and leave them wanting you to come back. Executive communication coaching is designed to improve your speaking, your communication, and your leadership.


This executive level program includes the course material from both our programs SPEAK TO OVERCOME and SPEAK TO ADVANCE, along with specific videos for preparing for keynote speeches, and additional material to guide you to leading from the front.


Executive communication coaching starts with an onsite visit* by Mike Acker. Mike will walk you through a leadership assessment, create specific and measurable goals, and work with you personally on presentation skills. You’ll have four online sessions with Mike to work on your specific goals. As you’re nearing the end of the program Mike will join you for a final onsite visit to fine-tune your communication skills and work on your presentation.

You will experience how it feels to make an impact on your audience. You will create two signature talks to present at conferences, company events, or for media interviews.

Additionally, we’ll offer your assistant a coaching session focused on booking you for desired events.

Take your mission and leadership to the next level.


Create confidence through communication.

Schedule a free discovery call to find out how we can help you in your career and communication:

Once you choose a program, we’ll schedule your Orientation Call over Zoom with our Concierge to walk you through the mechanics and curriculum of the online coursework.

All programs combine the power of personal coaching, an expert online coursework, small-group coaching, and connection to our community.

Upon completion, you will have life-time access to the coursework (including all updates and additions), to a password for discounted private coaching sessions, and a complimentary invitation to all monthly small-group coaching sessions.

What does it cost to receive lifetime access to coursework, personalized coaching, and membership to the Public Speaking Mastermind community with small-group coaching calls?

  • $$$ A degree in communication costs $120,000 – $180,000.
  • $$ Tony Robbins’ yearlong course costs $20,000.
  • $ Dale Carnegie’s and Steven Covey’s courses are upwards of $7,000.

You can spend a lot of money to get what you are looking for!

Save money and set yourself up for success with ADVANCE:

Overcome anxiety in public presentations in 30 days.

Advance your career in 3 months.

WOW any audience and leave them wanting more.

THE BUNDLE: Speak to Overcome AND Speak to Advance $2,994
Gain confidence and advance your skills through eight coaching sessions and two programs!
And save $1000.

Schedule your call today:

Turn your Potential into Actual.


“I started working with Mike to get ready to deliver a college keynote. He has been so helpful and professional. He’s helped me adjust my body language, pace, and cadence to speak as effectively as possible. The most valuable part of working with him has been his suggestions on developing, improving, and tweaking my speech content. I’ve come a long way and am so grateful for his expertise. Thank you Mike!”

– Rachel Richards

Author of “Money Honey: A Simple 7-Step Guide for Getting Your Financial $hit Together”

“Since I began working with Mike Acker as my coach, my productivity has increased significantly. The clarity I now have in approaching and successfully completing projects and presentations in public forums has made all the difference in my ability to accomplish my goals.

The strategies Mike shared with me have been simple to understand, easy to engage, yet profound in their impact. I’m immensely grateful for the growth he has helped me realize as a producer, writer, and director.”
– Prentice Dupins
Executive Producer, Writer

“Mike’s personable attitude makes coaching sessions with him enjoyable and impactful. He has a kind way of explaining how you can improve and where you can improve.

He provided a ‘template’ / strategy which I was able to utilize time and time again for speaking in public as well as tips for video conference calls which is incredibly useful in this digital age.
As my business continues to grow, I look forward to working with him in the future.”
– Alissa Constable

“Working with Mike over the past year has been eye-opening. I never anticipated how much the work we’ve done together would change my perspective on my professional and personal life.

Mike excels in figuring out the areas you need to work on and helping you figure out how to act. I’ve matured and learned from my mistakes in months with Mike that would have taken years on my own. I look forward to continuing to work with Mike to progress as a leader.”
– Mark Vather
Growth Marketing

“Mike is very knowledgeable about people management, team building, getting everyone on the same page, and moving in the same direction. He has a great ability to see problems from a different perspective, and is always very articulate in making the correct solution easily understood so it can be implemented.

He has become an integral part of my businesses’ growth, and I look forward to continue working with him.”
– Steve Bode
Serial Entrepreneur & Life Time Learner

Initially looking for a public speaking coach, I was fortunate enough to have found Mike who has not only given me guidance and provided live feedback on public speaking but also in career advancement. He’s recommended some great literature to read on Communication and Leadership that I feel has made our sessions even more fruitful.

Angelina w.
Public Speaking Lessons

It was a pleasure to work with Mike. He helped me tremendously on improving my very first speech in front of a large audience. He was very responsive and not only he helped me with the speech materials, but also with improving my body language and gesture for this event. I highly recommend him if you are in needs with improving your public speaking skills.

Faranak R.
Public Speaking Lessons

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Mike so far. He introduced me to various ideas and books that have been very helpful towards my success. I particularly appreciated that he took notes during our sessions, and you will not go wrong with choosing Mike as your coach.

Darren J.

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