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Does your communication hold you back?


Filler words, umms, nervousness, impostor syndrome, inability to think on the spot, rambling, or simply lack of skill? 

Mike Acker personally designed The Public Speaking School to help professionals overcome anxiety, insecurity, and other communication obstacles.  


With our holistic approach, you can create new confidence in and through your communication. Don't wait, see how improved speaking translates to success. 


Begin to advance your communication now.

Not sure?  Each week Mike Acker leads a free online workshop called SPEAK with CONFIDENCE.


Take action and experience new levels of confidence.

Just looking for one coaching session with Mike Acker, the founder of the Public Speaking School?

Follow the link to set up a 55-minute Zoom call:

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Rachel Richards

Bestselling author Rachel Richards worked with Mike at ADVANCE to improve her Public Speaking.


For more on Rachel Richards, visit:

Dr. Kelly Henry

This is Dr. Kelly Henry. He's worked with ADVANCE to improve his presentation skills and to write and publish his book on customer service.


For more on Dr. Kelly Henry, visit:

Stephanie Jadotte

Corporate designer, entrepreneur, and business owner Stephanie Jadotte was one of the first students of The Public Speaking School and worked on her speaking and communication skills with ADVANCE.

See what some of our graduates say:

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