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Since our inception, ADVANCE has been completely
focused on helping our clients reach their potential.

At ADVANCE, our primary goal is to ensure each client is confident and prepared to make the most of every communication moment.

We help clients understand the WHY behind the WHAT and HOW of speaking and leadership. Whether coaching individuals, hosting workshops, or delivering keynotes, we are experts in coaching professionals to connect, communicate, and compel. 

From our beginning in 2019, ADVANCE has partnered with experts in communication, leadership, and team training. This brings decades of experience to our clients. Our team members have delivered public speaking programs, team workshops, and keynotes around the world.


Let us help your team realize their potential and drive real results. 


Mike Acker

Founder & President

Top-rated author, communication expert, and C-suite coach with over 20 years of experience in leadership development.


Bart Berkey

Rosalie Fisher



Former Ritz-Carlton global executive, author of Most People Don’t—And Why You Should, speaker, and motivational storyteller.

Trailblazing communication scholar with a background in film and the arts. Educator, trainer, consultant.

Shawn Conrad

Pamela Hawley



Diversity consultant, corporate leader, recording artist, and voiceover/actor that will elevate your event.

Social entrepreneur, tech trailblazer, keynote speaker, founder, and CEO of UniversalGiving, and award-winning improv actor.

Josh Kelley

Taylor Acker



A traditionally published author, wordsmith, and freelance writer, Josh’s helps clients keep things interesting. He regularly assists corporate clients with crafting their messaging for greatest clarity and engagement.

Taylor makes management and paperwork look simple. She oversees contracts, event details, schedules, and all the details that make our partnerships flawless.

Sriram Emani


TEDx speaker, Fortune 500 consultant, and founder of IndianRaga. Bringing a cross-cultural perspective to storytelling and innovation.

Ina Bhoopalam


Harvard student, Gen Z social entrepreneur, activist keynote speaker, and founder of the international nonprofit Dream Equal.

Jada Swanson


For over 25 years, she has been performing, speaking, teaching, and coaching. Her career began as a singer and actress, but later migrated into public speaking and non-profit leadership.

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